76 El Camino – Duplicolor
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76 El Camino

by rodmon on Friday January 29, 2021

Vehicle details

Year: 1976
Make: Chevy
Model: El Camino


My 1976 El Camino with Conquista two-tone Blue package has original Chevy paint: Light Blue 21 WA4779 & Dark Blue 35 WA4758. The Light blue hood has faded & pretty patina, yet has held color amazingly well for 45 years. Except for the rock chips. She only has 61K miles & was garaged every winter. NO RUST! El Cid won 2nd & 3rd in small classic car shows. So she's "Car Show Ready". If I want to take her up to CONCOURSE level, I'll keep her original as when she rolled outta the factory. But I gotta clean & fill & blend in those rock chips. I bought a Loew-Cornell Fine Line Painting Pen from Amazon, so I hope with that and patience I can learn to blend in those terrible holes in her paint.