Jeep XJ called Recon – Duplicolor
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Jeep XJ called Recon

by dangerous on Thursday November 5, 2020

Vehicle details

Year: 1988
Make: Jeep
Model: Cherokee (XJ)


This is my 1988 Jeep XJ I call Recon. She really needs some love. But I have another 1989 Jeep XJ I'm working and need (WANT) to finish. But on occasion I hop onto Recon and tidy things up. This one is adding a new Grill Guard to the (home made) front bumper. It was my first ever attempt at making a bumper,(had to buy a welder and learn how to weld) and the grill Guard was made before I knew what I was doing and started to break. This new one was bent, painted with Dupli-color Primer, except the grey primer is a different brand cuz its "weld through" primer.