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  • Rust Eliminator

    Dupli-Color® Rust Eliminator is a fast acting, water based product designed to eliminate rust on metal. Rust Eliminator Liquid is biodegradable provided no other contaminants other that rust are present in the solution. Rust Eliminator can be reused multiple times.

    Rust Eliminator
    • Gel
    • Liquid
    • Rust Eliminator Gel Spray Bottle
      Rust Eliminator Gel Spray Bottle
      32 oz.
      Case Pack: 6

    • Rust Eliminator Gel - Quart
      Rust Eliminator Gel - Quart
      32 oz.
      Case Pack: 6

    • Rust Eliminator Liquid - Quart
      Rust Eliminator Liquid - Quart
      32 oz.
      Case Pack: 6

    • Rust Eliminator Liquid ® Gallon
      Rust Eliminator Liquid ® Gallon
      128 oz.
      Case Pack: 2

  • Features, Benefits and Technical Information

    • Eliminates Rust
    • Water Based
    • Biodegradable
    • Non damaging to metal
    • Concentrated formula
    • Reusable liquid
    • Gel is ideal for vertical surfaces

    • Application Humidity Level

      Less than 60-70%

    • Application Temperature

      At 50°F (10°C) or higher

    • Application Tips
  • Safety Data Sheet

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