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Dupli-Color® Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating is a two-can system that creates the popular look of black chrome on polished metal or chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The system includes a translucent black base coat that casts a dark shadow effect. The clear top coat is for added gloss, depth, and protection from the elements. Shadow is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping, and fading making it ideal for chrome wheels, bumpers, interior/exterior trim, accessories, and under hood components.

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Features & Benefits

  • Durable high gloss finish
  • Black tinted effect over chrome
  • Creates a custom black chrome appearance
  • Ideal for wheels, trim, and accessories

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 11 oz. cans - Case Pack: 2

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Success Stories

  • fresh new look
  • 2000 Silverado freshen up
  • 2000 Trans am
  • 09 Silverado Bumper with Dupli Color Shadow
  • Black Chromed bumpers