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The most important step! Prep products from Dupli-Color help you start any project correctly.

    • Filler Primer
      Filler Primer

      Dupli-Color® Filler Primer features a high build automotive formulation capable of filling deep scratches and minor surface imperfections. A fast-drying, sandable finish allows for easy... Read More ->

    • Self-Etching Primer
      Self-Etching Primer

      Dupli-Color® Self-Etching Primer etches and primes bare metal in one step, making it ideal to use as the first step in all automotive priming projects... Read More ->

    • Sandable Primer
      Sandable Primer

      Dupli-Color® Sandable Primer is an all-purpose, fast-drying primer that can be sanded to a smooth finish to help achieve topcoat uniformity. Great for smooth fill-in... Read More ->

    • Primer Sealer
      Primer Sealer

      Dupli-Color® Primer Sealer creates a smooth uniform surface for final coating by completely sealing the primed surface. Provides maximum corrosion resistance and improves bonding of... Read More ->

    • Adhesion Promoter
      Adhesion Promoter

      Dupli-Color® Adhesion Promoter improves adhesion of enamel and lacquer top coats to all surfaces, including plastic and chrome. Adhesion Promoter is an all-purpose clear primer... Read More ->

    • Grease & Wax Removers
      Grease & Wax Removers

      Dupli-Color® Grease & Wax Removers simplify your painting preparation needs. Surface preparation is a critical step in any quality painting project and our Grease &... Read More ->

    • Paint Stripper
      Paint Stripper

      Dupli-Color® Paint Stripper quickly removes paint, varnish, shellac and lacquer in minutes. Effective on metal, wood, glass, and other hard surfaces, Dupli-Color® Paint Stripper penetrates... Read More ->

    • Rust Fix® Rust Destroying Coating
      Rust Fix® Rust Destroying Coating

      Dupli-Color® Rust Fix® Coating destroys rust on contact by bonding and transforming it into a sandable and paintable surface. Sprays on clear and transforms into... Read More ->

    • Professional Primer Surfacer
      Professional Primer Surfacer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Primer Surfacer provides excellent adhesion to help improve corrosion resistance and enhance paint color. Read More ->

    • Professional Specialty Reducer
      Professional Specialty Reducer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Specialty Reducer is designed to thin Dupli-Color® Primer Surfacer and to help meet VOC requirements. Use in all weather conditions. Read More ->

    • Professional Lacquer Thinner
      Professional Lacquer Thinner

      Dupli-Color® Professional Lacquer Thinner is a premium thinner for all lacquers. This superior product can be used for both spray or dip application. Cleans the... Read More ->

    • Professional Acetone
      Professional Acetone

      Dupli-Color® Professional Acetone is a premium cleaner for most any surface, acetone cleans unpainted fiberglass surfaces and removes surface dust, dirt and grease from glass,... Read More ->

    • Professional Paint Thinner
      Professional Paint Thinner

      Dupli-Color® Professional Paint Thinner is made from 100% mineral spirits. It thins all oil-based paints, varnishes, stains, enamels and polyurethanes. Cleans dirt and grease from... Read More ->

    • Professional Acrylic Enamel
      Professional Acrylic Enamel

      Dupli-Color® Professional Enamel delivers exceptional quality in a high-solids acrylic enamel formulation for the ultimate in protection, gloss and color retention while delivering maximum coverage... Read More ->

    • Professional Lacquer
      Professional Lacquer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Lacquer dries fast and its high-solids formula provides quick coverage, excellent weatherability and superior adhesion. The rich glossy finish is ideal for automotive... Read More ->

    • Professional Self Etching Primer
      Professional Self Etching Primer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Self-Etching Primer etches and primes in one easy step. It features superior adhesion and is perfect for spot repairs. Can be used under... Read More ->

    • Professional Filler Primer
      Professional Filler Primer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Filler Primer provides a smooth rust-resistant basecoat that improves adhesion and appearance of top coat. The fast-drying, sandable formula features outstanding high-build and... Read More ->

    • Weld-Through Cold Galvanized Primer
      Weld-Through Cold Galvanized Primer

      Dupli-Color® Professional Weld-Through Cold Galvanized Primer provides maximum corrosion resistance with a durable, zinc-rich coating that can be applied directly to dry metal or galvanized... Read More ->

    • 2-in-1 Hi-Build Primer
      2-in-1 Hi-Build Primer

      Dupli-Color® 2 in 1 Filler & Sandable Primer is the latest addition to our Primer Series and provides increased adhesion and corrosion resistance. The exclusive... Read More ->

    • Professional Xylene
      Professional Xylene

      Dupli-Color® Professional Xylene is a premium slower evaporation cleaner. Cleans dirt and grease from metal and painted surfaces. Ideal for thinning Custom Wrap sprayable and... Read More ->

    • Rust Eliminator
      Rust Eliminator

      Dupli-Color® Rust Eliminator is a fast acting, water based product designed to eliminate rust on metal. Rust Eliminator Liquid is biodegradable provided no other contaminants... Read More ->