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1997 Ford expedition project.

by deviantone on Monday May 10, 2021

Vehicle details

Year: 1997
Make: Ford
Model: Expedition


1997 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition. (Black like my soul). 5.4L VI Triton Engine 4WD w/o air suspension. Mission: Overall goal is to repair, maintain, and update a few interior items to modernize it a bit. (IE: stereo upgrade, or tablet dash install w/ OBDII connection, rear backup camera, F/R dash cams, (Though homelessness is not a crime, it sure feels like it. Living in the expo makes me a prime target for theft, police harassment, and Joe & Martha busy-body thinking I'm up to no good! Who would buy me a beer if they saw me in uniform, but currently spit, demean, or curse me now in passing because I'm loitering) excuse my rant! πŸ˜† Continuing... Repair leather or patch. Replace damaged headliner. Black out all trim and weathered topcoat areas, and more all while I teach myself vehicle maintenance, repair, etc..in the process. Background: Vehicle gifted to me by an old colleague, wishing to assist me on the road out of homelessness. Thank you!! 2 Vehicle left to elements for over 2 years, with little to no maintenance. I'll be using funds acquired through door dashing, state funding where I can get it for these repairs. Vehicle did not pass smog, and reg. was over 2 years due, so immediate repairs are to prevent my transportation and living quarters from being taken, and in the downtime conduct the other task. Being a vet I'm used to living in a vehicle but plan is to make it a little more comfy than those provided by uncle Sam πŸ˜‚. Wish me luck πŸ€