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  • Hyper Silver Coating

    Dupli-Color® Hyper Silver Coating is a two-can system that creates a deep silver metallic finish over all types of wheel finishes. The system includes the Hyper Silver base coat. The Clear top coat adds gloss, depth and protection from the elements. Dupli-Color® Hyper Silver Coating is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping, and fading, making it ideal for customizing any car, bike, truck wheel or accessory.

    Hyper Silver Coating
    • Kit
    • Base Coat
    • Clear Coat
    • Hyper Silver High Performance Wheel Coating
      Hyper Silver High Performance Wheel Coating
      Kit: Color, Clear Coat

      SKU: HSK100
    • Swatch Not Available
      Hyper Silver Base Coat - Step 1
      11 oz. Aerosol

      SKU: HSK200
    • Swatch Not Available
      Hyper Silver Clear Coat - Step 2
      11 oz. Aerosol

      SKU: HSK300
  • Features, Benefits and Technical Information

    • Durable finish resists brake dust and chemicals
    • Deep silver metallic finish
    • Ideal for wheels, trim, and accessories

    • Application Humidity Level

      Less than 70%

    • Application Temperature

      Between 60°F (16°C) and 95°F (35°C)

    • Dry to Touch

      30 Minutes

    • Handle In
      1 Hour
    • Paint Type
    • Application Tips
  • Safety Data Sheet

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