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  • Shadow Black-Out Coating

    Dupli-Color® Shadow® Chrome Black-Out Coating is a two-can system that creates the popular look of black chrome on polished metal or chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The system includes a translucent, black basecoat that casts a dark shadow effect. The clear topcoat is for added gloss, depth and protection from the elements. Shadow is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping and fading, making it ideal for chrome wheels, bumpers, interior/exterior trim, accessories and under hood components.

    Shadow Black-Out Coating
    • Kit
    • Shadow Black-Out Coating
      Kit: Color, Clear Coat
      SKU: SHD1000
  • Features, Benefits and Technical Information

    Detailed Product Information for Dupli-Color® Shadow® Black-Out Coating: get full product description and specifications, check out How-To Videos (as applicable) and see how other automotive enthusiasts have used Shadow® Black-Out Coating on their vehicles.

    • Application Humidity Level

      Less than 70% or low humidity levels

    • Application Temperature

      60*F (16*C) – 95*F (35*C)

    • Dry to Touch

      30 minutes

    • Handle In
      1 Hour
    • Paint Type
    • Application Tips
  • Safety Data Sheet

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