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Ole‘ reliable revival

by brettricketts1 on Wednesday January 18, 2023

Vehicle details

Year: 2003
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 1500


She a workhorse with a few scars. the plan is to give her a modern look. The project will be split up into multiple phases due to budget constraints. Phase 1- Dent repair and rust removal. There isn’t too much rust, having lived her life down south, but there are plenty of dings. Phase 2- Paint. I going to keep her white but get rid of the chrome trim because I will be swapping the chrome bumpers for modern looking painted ones. The current bumper we’re originally chrome but have been painted over so I can get an idea of how it would look. Phase 3- Body modification. I’m not going to extreme with the body mods. As previously stated, the front and rear bumpers will be replaced by painted. I have not yet decided what style I want to go for but will bring updates soon.