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  • 1K Clear

    Dupli-Color® 1K Clear is a high-performance clear coat formulated to be used over most any Dupli-Color product and provides added protection, appearance and performance. Available in an extreme gloss, matte, and pearl finishes, the urethane-modified formulation provides a high-quality finish, film hardness, gasoline resistance and UV protection to deliver best-in-class clear coat results.

    1K Clear
    • Clear
  • Features, Benefits and Technical Information

    1K Clear features a big-button spray any way nozzle for superior flow, leveling and sag resistance for a smooth, consistent application. 1K Clear is heat resistant up to 250 °F intermittently and can be used for interior, exterior and under-hood applications.

    • Application Humidity Level

      Less than 50%

    • Application Temperature

      Between 60°F (16°C) and 85°F (29°C)

    • Dry to Touch

      15 Minutes

    • Handle In
      1 Hour
    • Paint Type
      Urethane Modified
    • Application Tips
  • Safety Data Sheet

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